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What to do about North Korea?

Who can come up with the location of this picture, and give an explanation for why I like it?

Its a question that has bedeviled us since big mistakes were made in 1945. Maybe, in 2018, we are inching toward a solution, a fix that will transform South Korea and even China. Japan as well.  This site tries to offer some help with important, and often neglected, economic aspects of the core problems in Northeast Asia. And it may give you some ideas about how to make a difference, and even profit, in these important times.

The picture?  A contest. Who can come up with the location, and offer an explanation of why I like it for this site?

Make your guess! I'll post the winners.

Services Offered


  • Presentations on North Korean economics and security issues.
  • Analysis of current economic conditions in South Korea, China, and Japan
  • Informal briefings, consultations on how to approach North Korea.
  • Research on your business or industry as influenced by East Asia.
  • Fact checks, including accurate data and proper use of economic concepts, for your or other's speeches and  articles on Asian or general economic issues.  
  • Translation services (subcontracted).

Fact Check

Who We Are


Just me, Bill Brown, for now. Picture is a few years back looking over North Korea from  the Tumen river in China. I'm an adjunct professor at Georgetown University, School of Foreign Service and at University of Maryland University College (UMUC); a non-resident fellow at the Korea Economics Institute of America; and I'm retired from a career in  CIA, Commerce Department and  the National Intelligence Council.

My career has focused on analysis of the Chinese and North Korean economies and, working with the Chief Economist of the Commerce Department, extensive analysis of US and foreign national income accounts and prospects for growth.   And I have four years of experience working with Virginia companies and organizations helping them develop ties to Korea, Japan, and China.

I've lived and worked in Korea for many years, the son of Presbyterian missionary parents who themselves were born and raised in China and Korea. 

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